24 Hours Intermittent Fasting Protocol

24 Hours Intermittent Fasting Protocol, Also Known As “OMAD”

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This way of doing intermittent fasting involves fasting from dinner to dinner (or lunch to lunch). If you eat dinner on day 1, you would skip the next day’s breakfast and lunch and eat dinner again on day 2. This means that you are still eating daily, but only once during that day. This is generally done two to three times per week.


24 Hours IF Protocol is usually held 2-4 times a week followed with 16/8 TRE protocol for none fasting days.

Warning: Please, do not hold 24 hours IF protocol for longer periods of time. It might start acting as a calorie-restricted diet and you will run a risk of lowering your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and in many cases, this is an irreversible condition.

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Who should NOT fast?

You should not do intermittent fasting if you are:

  • Underweight (BMI < 18.5)

  • Pregnant – you need extra nutrients for your child.

  • Breastfeeding – you need extra nutrients for your child.

  • A child under 18 – you need extra nutrients to grow.

You can fast, but may need supervision, under these conditions:

  • If you have diabetes mellitus – type 1 or type 2.

  • Taking prescription medication.

  • You have gout or high uric acid.

Please, let us know what type of fast are you doing and start date.
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  • Lukas G : On Sunday 11/08/2019 @ 9PM I have started my first 40 hours fast for this week. Planning 3 in total. Let's support each other.
  • Lukas G : I am doing 16/8 everyday and started 6 months ago.
  • The Admin : High five! You’ve successfully joined fasting chat and support!


Example of 24 Hours IF Protocol

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Sleep Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
Breakfast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
Lunch Fast Feast Fast Feast Fast Feast Feast
Dinner Feast Feast Feast Feast Feast Feast Feast
Sleep Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast

** This table is just an example and exactly the same what I use for my 24 Hours Intermittent Fasting protocol. Adjust the time and days as you like, for example, you might wish to eat Lunch and skip all others. But it has to be continuous 24 hours of fasting. Two 12 hours fasts don’t count.

Who is fasting?
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