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48-72 Hours EF (Extended Fasting) Protocol

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You can fast almost indefinitely. Generally, for fasts greater than 48 hours, I recommend a general multivitamin to avoid micronutrient deficiency. The world record for fasting is 382 days, so going 7-14 days is certainly possible.

I discourage people from fasting for more than 14 days due to the high risk of re-feeding syndrome.

You should not fast for 72 hours more than once a week! Fasting longer than 72 hours should not be held more than once a month!


I do recommend to consult longer fasts (beyond 72 hours) with your DN (Diabetic Nurse), Doctor or Endocrinologist. Especially if you are on medications that can cause hypoglycemia. 

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Who should NOT fast?

You should not do intermittent fasting if you are:

  • Underweight (BMI < 18.5)

  • Pregnant – you need extra nutrients for your child.

  • Breastfeeding – you need extra nutrients for your child.

  • A child under 18 – you need extra nutrients to grow.

You can fast, but may need supervision, under these conditions:

  • If you have diabetes mellitus – type 1 or type 2.

  • Taking prescription medication.

  • You have gout or high uric acid.

Please, let us know what type of fast are you doing and start date.
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  • Lukas G : On Sunday 11/08/2019 @ 9PM I have started my first 40 hours fast for this week. Planning 3 in total. Let's support each other.
  • Lukas G : I am doing 16/8 everyday and started 6 months ago.
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Example of 72 Hours EF Protocol

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Sleep Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
Breakfast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
Lunch Feast Fast Fast Fast Feast Feast Feast
Dinner Feast Fast Fast Fast Feast Feast Feast
Sleep Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast

** This table is just an example of 72 Hours EF protocol. Adjust the days as you like, for example, you might wish to fast Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Choose days that suits you the most.

Who is fasting?
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