7 Days Low Carb Menu

7 Days Example Meal Plan

Day 1

Soft boiled eggs with halloumi soldiers(halloumi chips)

Rainbow salad

Chicken with mushrooms.


Day 2

Spinach omelette

Oven baked Camembert with garlic bread sticks

Chicken and bell peppers in tomato sauce.

Day 3

Breakfast egg muffins

Smoked parsley and lemon mackerel with mixed beans

Low carb fried chicken.

Day 4

Smoked salmon scrambled egg

Beef burger with rocket salad

Cheesy cauliflower and broccoli baked eggs.

Day 5

Cream cheese pancakes

Chicken soup

Lamb tagine with olive and lemon.

Day 6

Scrambled egg and bacon with mushrooms

Scotch broth

Italian style cod bake.

Day 7

Low carb no egg breakfast bake with sausage and peppers

Egg wraps

Slow cooker beef in extra smooth bitter.

This meal plan/menu is just example of how you can make your food choices right.

LCHF or LC way of eating is not difficult to follow and the variety of food is wide.

7 days meal plan can be followed as is or/if you wish so, mix meals as you like.

Most recipes can be found in the Recipe section.

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