Since I have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2014 till June 2018, I have been living in denial. At every single diabetic review, my medications have been increased, but the one in January 2018 was different(the one that scared me most). My DN(diabetic nurse) told me that if I don’t do anything about it, the next step to manage type 2 diabetes will be insulin(ultimate weight gain, injecting and more scary things) that I would rather avoid.

That was a kick in the butt I needed, all thanks to my DN. She was apologizing to me when I told her about it, but I assured her, that it was what I needed and thank her.

I have started researching for an answer to my problem with type 2 diabetes. At the end of May 2018 found it. Applied all the findings(wasn’t easy at the beginning) and on July 2018 at my next diabetic review, I have seen that it works. There has been a change in my HBA1C test result(January 2018 – 87 mmol/mol and July 2018(one month after applying the findings) – 64 mmol/mol. DN seemed to be happy with the positive change, but she told me( I have your insulin ready for you, here) anyway. She was almost certain that I will fail, so she had it ready. 

I have been given another three months without insulin, just to see the real effect of the findings I did apply to my lifestyle.

In October 2018, at my next diabetic review, I was 12KG lighter and my HBA1C has dropped to 35 mmol/mol. I can’t explain the reaction of my DN, it was like WHAT? , HOW? IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? She started asking questions and we had a really good chat about it.

My medications have been lowered and in January 2019, at my next diabetic review, expecting nothing less than coming off of all medications.


As of 16. January 2019 all my medications for Type 2 Diabetes have been discontinued. Current weight loss 21KG and HBA1C – 37 mmol/mol.

Update 11.06.2019

On this day I have been officially marked as in remission. It is a very happy day for me because I have been working really hard to achieve this.

Here I am. My name is Lukas Grumlik – Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2014, living in the small town of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, United Kingdom and writing my journey of Fighting Type 2 Diabetes to a complete REVERSAL.




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  1. Thank you for sharing and so helping Lukas

  2. If your HbA1c was 35, you would have been in a coma. How stupid do you think people are? Do you even know what numbers are acceptable for an HbA1c? They are also done in percentage, not numbers like “35”. A low A1c would be 4. Very low. The conversion of 35, as you claim, would be something like 2 and you would be in hospital on life support. Do you have any idea how incredibly low that is? Even your claims of being 87 and 64 are ridiculousand no doctor worth their salt would have kept you on diabetes meds with numbers like that. You really should have had someone proofread your web page. There are mistakes all over it and your claims are ridiculous. No, I won’t be pointing out the answers for you since, as you can see, I write far better than you could ever hope to. Now you want to charge people for being on this website when you have no qualifications other than some guy who has had diabetes for 4 years? Are you kidding me? You better get yourself together and get a lot of insurance, because you are about to kill someone with ignorant advice. You should be ashamed of yourself taking advantage of truly sick people. You will be sued, and that’s exactly what should happen. Get off the dole, get off your ass, and go get a job and leave sick, vulnerable people alone. Disgusting.

  3. You are actually very stupid. These numbers are UK measurements and 35 = 5.5%. Get your facts together and then call somebody stupid. I know exactly what I am doing. You have just proved that not knowing make yourself stupid.

  4. I can’t believe what I’m reading! How dare you launch such a scathing attack and a completely misinformed one at that on a man who wants to do nothing but educate and inform people. Please go and do some research you may require it if you are as badly informed as you have just come across .

  5. How DARE you be so rude! Especially when you hide behind a false moniker rather than using your real name. You might have just called yourself “Keyboard Warrior”.

    Lukas knows EXACTLY what he’s talking about having done much research and is always able to reference credible sources if required.

    You proudly claim that you “write far better than (he) could ever hope to” yet you have no comprehension of either sentence or paragraph structure.

    I suggest you get off your high horse and really LEARN about diabetes.

  6. I too think that Lukas has done enormous research and knows exactly what he’s educating us about, he’s proof! If you have nothing nice to write here then don’t bc it’s not needed.

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