Baby steps to easier transition into lchf way of eating

Baby Steps To Easier Transition Into LCHF Way Of Eating

Many newly diagnosed people and new members seem to be struggling with the transition to LCHF way of eating after so many years of eating carbohydrates heavy diet. Thought that I might put some baby steps plan together to help with the transition as people get really confused on what to do and what to eat. There isn’t really a plan to fit all but the basics are and always be the same.

We will use the LEARNING UNITS as guidance and information’s to put some basic steps together. Let’s start. You will need a notepad or something that you can write the steps or points.

  1. The first step will be to read all the LEARNING UNITS here on the website and make notes of the important things so you can refer to them at any time.
  2. Remember this: Bread, Pasta, Potatoes, Rice, Veg that grows below ground, Legumes, Sugar(any type), Fruit(except berries occasionally), Milk, Wheat products, Flour, Grains, and low-fat products are forbidden. Also, NO canned or processed food is allowed.
  3. Fat is your friend, but not all fats are healthy. Use Butter, Olive Oil, Lard for cooking. Use fatty cuts of meat(pork belly, shoulder, liver, hearts, kidneys, chicken with skin(legs are fattier), lamb, beef, oily type of fish, cheeses, nuts and so on. There is no limit really. Fat makes you full for longer and doesn’t make you more fat. Fat will help you eat less while still keep your calorie intake high(we will come back to calories later) or read this post CALORIE CONFUSION – No relationship between diabetes and calories
  4. Carbohydrates, Low-Fat products, Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners are your enemy. Some sweeteners don’t seem to raise blood sugars(not always the truth) yet they still raise your insulin levels which are the cause of insulin resistance and leads to type 2 diabetes.
  5. Eat NO MORE than 3 meals a day with total carbohydrates intake of 100 grams or less(if you can, keep it below 50 grams). STOP snacking, if there is a need to snack at the beginning of your journey then have a piece of cheese or a handful of nuts. A couple of slices of deli meats but remember: almost everything has carbohydrates in it, so add them up into your daily total target.
  6. Your next step is to read The Obesity Code <= click here to read it.  Also, purchase the HOPE eBook <= click here to purchase it. These two books will become your bible and will help you understand the whole obesity and type 2 diabetes and how it becomes the modern epidemic disease.
  7. FASTING: introducing fasting into your life will not be easy and therefore it is necessary to master the LCHF way of eating and adapt your body into burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. We will be doing weekly fasting events in the Events Section(coming soon) from short overnight fasts to extended fasts up to 36 hours. So keep looking for the events and don’t be scared to join in.

Here is the list of things/products that should be used as your shopping list.

Print out this list and take it with you every time you go shopping. It will take some time to remember all but if you take it with you then you can’t go wrong. Basically, what’s not on the list above, don’t buy it.

If you ever get stuck, REMEMBER that we are always here to help and support you on Facebook or here on the blog. Use the comments section below every post or click the messenger icon to message me directly.

PS: Don’t get discouraged if you ever fell off the wagon. Leave it behind and get back as soon as you can.

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