fat-shamed by NHS staff

Hundreds of overweight Brits believe they’ve been ‘fat-shamed’ by NHS staff

FAT’S GOING TOO FAR Hundreds of overweight Brits claim they’ve been fat-shamed by NHS staff THE NHS is being weighed …

keto low-carb diet switch

Lose Weight Fast Keto Low-Carb Diet Switch

SWITCH UP, LOSE FAST Best way to lose weight fast is KETO Low-Carb Diet Switch Going no-carb (30g or less) is …

meet the omad diet

“ONE MEAL A DAY” OMAD Diet Promises Weight Loss

“One Meal A Day” OMAD diet promises weight loss – but WHAT if we said there was a super-simple way …

cephalic phase insulin response

The Cephalic Phase Insulin Response

The Cephalic Phase Insulin Response The mere taste of sweet in your mouth can raise your insulin. Even if it doesn’t have any calories, even if it doesn’t raise your blood sugar, and even if you just swished it around your mouth and spit it out.

sweet potatoes myth

Myth Busting Monday: Are sweet potatoes low carb?

SWEET POTATOES have become very popular recently, often being touted as the healthier alternative to white potatoes. But is this true? …

hemp oil

CBD Oil and Diabetes (HEMP Oil) – Use or Not

CBD Oil and diabetes? Those who purchased my eBook knows that I am not really keen on using any supplements. …

Are smoothies healthy?

Are Smoothies Healthy For Type 2 Diabetics? Are They Good For Weight Loss?

Smoothies made purely of whole fruits and vegetables, and if desired, a little soy milk or non-fat dairy, are wonderfully …

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