Diane Parry

Diane Parry from Manchester

Hi. My name is Diane and I am from Manchester. Last May I was told by the doctor I was pre diabetic and didn’t take this seriously. Then diagnosed in January as diabetic. I started to search on Facebook for diabetic groups. Joined a few of them then came across Lukas and his group Fighting Type 2 Diabetes group.

Lukas is so knowledgeable on the subject of diabetes, he shares so much valuable information that you don’t receive from the diabetes team. I took advice from Lukas and now focus on low carb way of eating, trying new foods and feel much healthier. I have also lost a few pounds in weight. I have also noticed that my sleeping pattern has improved. Just recently I have also taken up exercise (which I haven’t done for years). But most of all my blood sugar levels have started to come down by changing my way of eating and exercise.

I am very grateful to the support of Lukas and appreciate all the time and effort he puts into helping people with this progressive disease. In time I hope to reverse this diabetes just like he did.

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Founder of thefod.club - Fighting Type 2 Diabetes.

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