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Welcome to your Intermittent Fasting Home Page.

Intermittent fasting is the ancient secret of health. It is ancient because it has been practiced throughout all of human history. It’s a secret because this powerful habit has been virtually forgotten.

But now many people are re-discovering this dietary intervention. It can carry huge benefits if it is done right: weight loss, increased energy, a reversal of type 2 diabetes and many other things. Plus, you’ll save time and money.

Below are the fasting protocols that you can sign in. Please choose wisely and do not jump in advanced fasts if you are a beginner. 


Fasting Protocols
16:8 TRE Protocol 20:4 TRE Protocol 24 Hours IF Protocol
36-40 Hours IF Protocol 72 Hours EF Protocol

How to sign in to a fasting protocol?

  1. Choose your desired protocol in the table above
  2. Follow easy instruction on the fasting page


Fasting is much easier if you follow Low-Carb or KETO diet. It will keep you fuller for longer and you will be able to better manage hunger waves.

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