keto low-carb diet switch

Lose Weight Fast Keto Low-Carb Diet Switch

SWITCH UP, LOSE FAST Best way to lose weight fast is KETO Low-Carb Diet Switch

Going no-carb (30g or less) is unsustainable – so don’t bother sticking to keto for longer than five days at a time.

THE keto diet is constantly being touted as the regime for weight loss. But it’s also no surprise that not everyone is a massive fan of the zero-carb plan.

Keto may be effective at burning fat but it’s very restrictive and can be unrealistic for people who actually like eating carbs and who struggle to get enough fibre.

That’s why experts have come up with a compromise – switching between keto and a low-carb.

Your Body Thrives On Two Fuels, there’s growing evidence to support the idea of switching between keto and low-carb might be the ideal weight loss.

Keto is no carb

Keto involves eating no more than 30g of carbs a day plus a high amount of good fats. If done correctly, it should be full of green, leafy veg and unprocessed foods.

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