Possible Reason For My Weight Loss Stall

Possible Reason For My Weight Loss Stall?

I did stop smoking almost two years ago and since then I am vaping instead.
While this is a major achievement for me, it can easily be a reason why my weight loss stalling after 21KG weight loss.
Why would vaping cause weight loss stall?
OK, I don’t think the vaping itself is the reason, but I am also using 2mg sugar-free nicotine lozenges(up to 9x per day). Well, this is more interesting, because I did just found that they contain aspartame, the well known artificial sweetener that is also used diet drinks. And I think this is the reason for the stall.
I have tried everything, Intermittent Fasting, Extended Fasting, change my eating habits, change the number of meals, almost everything without any change whatsoever.

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I am sure that the insulin response to the aspartame is the cause. So, when I thought that I am fasting, then I really wasn’t. It is heartbreaking when you find out that all that hard work and effort was for nothing, and something that has been developed to help you with one addiction is also making insulin resistance worse. Well, lesson learned. I am still to find for sure by eliminating the use of the lozenges and see if that will make any difference.
I will start by using them only in my eating windows, so the fast will be clean(water, black coffee, and tea only). If that will not make any difference, then I will stop using them completely.
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  1. I did stop using this nicotine lozenges but it did not have any positive effect on weight loss. It doesn’t mean that these lozenges are OK for longer/extended use. I feel much better not using them.

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