what is fat fasting

What is fat fasting and when should you do it?

What is fat fasting? When to use a fat fast?

A fat fast can be a useful tool to get started with fasting or when you want to get back on track. The idea is to eat lots of fatty foods until sated for a few days before you start fasting. Doing so will help your body reach fat burning mode faster and without as many negative side effects, such as headaches and hunger pangs.

Coming off a period of eating a diet high in carbohydrates
Extreme hunger or carbohydrate cravings
Periods of stress when fasting seems impossible

How to Fat Fast:Eat when hungry, until full as often as necessary
No dairy or nuts during a fat fast
You may use up to 3 tbsp of heavy cream for your tea or coffeeFoods:
Olive oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil
Mayo (healthy oil base)
Spices are allowed
Leafy greens cooked in or covered in fat

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You can also consume these fluids at any point during a fat fast:
Bone Broth

Why does it work?

There are two reasons why the fat fast works so well: it’s an extreme version of a ketogenic diet and the monotony of the limited foods suppresses your appetite. Most of the foods listed above are extremely fatty, and fat is extremely satiating. We eat less when we eat fatty foods.

Have you ever fallen in love with a song but heard it so many times that you no longer wanted to listen to it? This is what happens when you eat the same foods over and over in repetition.
This is the reason why we want you to stick to a limited number of foods.

You may find that you’re eating nonstop during the first few days, which is okay. Listen to your body and use the fat to fight your desire to eat and your carbohydrate cravings. Over time you will find that it takes less to satiate you, and you will start fasting naturally.

Happy Fat Fasting Everyone!

What is fat fasting?

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