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Why Is It Important To Regularly Check BS Levels

There are many opinions on checking BS levels regularly. Many of us been told that checking is not necessary for type 2 diabetics. In my opinion, checking BS levels is absolutely necessary if you want to manage type 2 diabetes and send it to remission.


If you don’t check BS levels then it is impossible to find out if your diet/woe works. This way you can just be in illusion that everything is fine and nothing needs to be changed. Then you are back for your checkup and the number of medications will just be increased every time.


If anyone is serious about managing type 2 diabetes then it is necessary to check before each meal and then 2 hours after the first bite to see if you are having spikes. The number of tests will decrease in time and you will not need to test if you know that the meal has been OK before.


I know that many people did not get their meters from their DN and test strips, lancets on prescription as it seems to be like a postcode lottery.
But don’t worry too much. Meters can be bought online and they don’t even cost that much.
If you are one of the unlucky people, check the link below. This whole set can be purchased for £15.59 or if you are diabetic then for £12.99.

Codefree Blood Glucose Monitor/Monitoring Test/Testing Kit+Strips+Lancets+Case – in mmol/L

So, if anyone wants to manage type 2 diabetes and lower their medications instead of increasing them, TEST!!!

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  1. I am constantly been told by my most professionals not to test daily. I refuse to listen to them as it keeps me accountable and works for me especially when I am trying new foods, exercise and fasting

  2. Unfortunately, many people are told the same. I have been one of the lucky ones and got testing kit from my DN. She encourage all her patients to test and see what food spikes their blood glucose levels. For me, it was very important player in fighting type 2 diabetes and coming off of all medications.

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